Employees Are Traumatised By These Shocking Toilet Habits

Toilet habits are probably one of the least discussed topics among colleagues as it is something that people are embarrassed of. In fact, our recent research has found there are certain things that are so embarrassing, office workers will go to great lengths to cover them up!

Embarrassed by ourselves, disgusted by others

It is not just our own habits that we are ashamed of, but the way other people treat the washrooms as well. We have probably walked into a toilet cubicle, pulled a face (most likely accompanied by an expression of repulsion) and turned on our heels in search of a cleaner alternative.

From our research, it seems that this is something that happens far too often. About half of the office workers we surveyed actually worry about going to the washroom at work and 47% will even avoid or try to avoid using the office loo for a poo! 26% of the people we asked said that they have been so shocked by the state of their office washroom, they usually left without using the facilities.

Dirty toilet? It wasn’t me…

If so many people feel this way, who is leaving them in such an unacceptable state? If 92% of women and 89% of men claim to always leave the office washroom in a state they would like to find it, does that mean that the remaining 8% of women and 11% of men are causing all of the unhygienic problems?

Everyone has an office or public washroom story to tell. One of the women we surveyed can even remember one day walking into a toilet cubicle to find a sanitary pad stuck to the wall and thinking ‘that’s not something you could do by accident’. Another common sight the ladies can always find in the washroom is overflowing sanitary bin with toilet tissues. Here’s a friendly reminder that sanitary bins are meant for sanitary pad disposal only and not tissues or any other rubbish!

Our findings revealed that:

55% of office workers have found urine outside the toilet bowl; 
37% of 25-34 year olds have found faeces outside the toilet bowl; 
31% of female office workers have found blood outside the toilet bowl; 
and 72% of female office workers have encountered an overflowing sanitary bin

The need for greater etiquette

Being ever hygiene conscious, we have compiled a list of top 3 most disliked toilet habits in co-workers (this is also good for us to check and reflect if we are one of the culprits):

1. Failing to flush (84%) 
2. Leaving toilet in messy state (73%) 
3. Leaving a terrible smell (45%)

How can toilets and toilet habits improve if nobody wants to talk about it?

So let’s ask the question – If we don’t talk about toilets, how will those people who are responsible for maintaining them know they need to improve? The demand is certainly there, with 91% of office workers expressing a need for cleaner facilities at their workplace.

Businesses need to understand the consequences of poor washroom facilities. Global estimates the cost of lost productivity due to illnesses caused by lack of sanitation and poor hygiene at up to 5% of GDP. Previous research done by Initial Hygiene found that improving office hygiene would increase employees level of job satisfaction, resulting in higher productivity and reduced sick leave.

It seems like a win-win solution. Better washrooms > happier workforce > higher rewards!

Spread washroom behaviour awareness through World Toilet Day

World Toilet Day falls on the 19th of November every year and it is a global movement to inspire action in tackling the global sanitation crisis.

If you wish to find out more about ways to improve your washroom hygiene, speak to our experts now at 1300 882 288!

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